The jury wanted to interrupt the girl’s performance, but they didn’t do it, because the girl performed a powerful song and won the award.

There are songs that become hits all over the world after their creation. Frozen released by Disney. Sisters Elsa and Anna were miracles. They were renamed. <Disney Princesses>. Elsa would participate in a competition, after which she became more famous all over the world. Elsa was performing the song <Let It Go>. Quite a not easy song to perform, but she managed to perform in such a way that everyone was surprised. The song became a popular hit for several years, the members of the jury were able to gain strength with great difficulty. From the first words of the song, they understood that the chances of his victory were high. Elsa managed to conquer the world with her inexhaustible voice .Jodine Bird, she also performed the same song.

At the beginning of the episode, one of the judges tried to stop the song, but the other judges allowed it to continue. He also had a powerful voice and wonderful voice data. Jodine performed the song one more time, but she didn’t succeed, she tried a second time and it seemed like her powerful voice couldn’t help her perform the song. The competition was between Elsa and Jody. Elsa had a powerful voice and was able to carry the performance superbly, while Jodi had the best vocal timbre but could not finish the performance. The jury naturally chose the best to win the title of grapevine. Elsa was declared the winner and became a Disney princess. He really gave pleasant emotions to the audience with his performance. He and his victory will be long remembered. The woman will remain in their memory for a long time and will be remembered forever. These two heroes were a bright example of friendship, who were unfaithful and devoted to each other.


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