The men of the band came out on stage wearing heels. They presented such a special dance that they were approved

There are many types of dances in the world, each nation and state has its own dances, and the movements are different from each other. Today we witnessed a show during which another talented dance group was revealed. Such programs create a great opportunity for all those who want to try their hand. Such projects start with the audition stage, during which the best participants are selected and prepare for the next stages. They showcase their talents right in front of the jury members.They only choose such participants who will be ready to fight for the next stages. The participants must be stronger than each other so that the fight is natural. At this stage, the audience and the jury witnessed a number that became a real show.

Their team consisted of five people, the boys performed a dance number in heels. Yes, they performed a dance in heels.The boys showed great choreographic skills. Their number was very received. And the movements were simply unrepeatable. The jury couldn’t believe that they had witnessed such a number. The moves were very interesting , the members of the jury unanimously voted for the number and the boys went to the next round. The next stage was the semi-final, where it would be clear whether they would go to the final or not. However, after watching this performance, it is already clear that the boys will manage to overcome all the other stages. They deserve to play in the next stages. This number got many views all over the internet, everyone showed great interest in the boys, the whole internet was fascinated by their performance. They really managed to captivate the whole world with their dance in heels.


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