This couple consider the cave their home and don’t want to leave it. They have lived there for more than 60 years.

People constantly adapt to their living conditions. Man is such a being that he can create conditions for himself and live in the desert. The flight of his mind can go very far. Isn’t it man who is the author of many inventions and discoveries?  A Chinese couple, Liang Zifu and Li Suyin, lived like human beings in a cave they made themselves. They have been married for 60 years.

They cut off from the world and human contact. They considered their life happy and carefree. They solved all their problems by themselves. Any issue could be solved for them if they were together. They raised their 3 children in the cave. They also liked to sit in a corner of the cave and play.

Parents did not bother to buy a lot of toys and clothes for them, so they were satisfied with what they had. Few people lived in the neighboring village where there was a small shop. Spouses would go to that shop if necessary. The children were grew up and each of them chose their own path. Seeing the life of their parents and the living of people outside their settlement, they one by one left for the city.

The parents missed the children very much, but they did not want to go against their will. After a few years, the children returned with the intention and request to take their parents with them, but the parents did not agree, because it had become their home and they did not want to leave their dwelling, even if it was a cave. The children returned without their parents promising to visit often. They were growing old and needed even more help, but they never complained. They worked from morning to night, cleaning the cave, doing household chores, then sitting around the fire and silently remembered  with each other about their way of life. Whatever life outside was, they were not interested. They missed only their children very much but never wanted to take them back to the cave.

Sometimes the path of our life is arranged independently of our will and we follow a different path. Human life takes a very different and  various course, so there is no need to complain or think about changing fate. Those couples had come to terms with their fate and life conditions, and that’s why they gave up the prosperous life of the city. This is the will and endurance of a person. Their life experience can inspire and motivate many to fight in life and have achievements․

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