Found a chest that made the owner of the house rich

In this period, buying a house became a problem, and finding a comfortable house required much more time. Some people don’t even have the opportunity to buy a house, many people prefer to buy a house where only four walls will stand. This time, after a long search, our hero came to the conclusion that he should buy an old house, because he did not have enough funds. He chose the house in a rather quiet area, because people wold not want to live in such areas, that’s why such houses are considered quite cheap.

The man applied to resume the repair work at the construction company’s house. Builders started by renovating the floor and completely removed the old hardwood flooring because it wasn’t very safe. After demolishing the parquet floor, they also demolished a part of the area in order to level the uneven part of the floor. The builders found a chest under the floor and immediately contacted the owner of the house. They took the chest out , it looked very old, even rusted in some places. They were able to open it with great efforts and many tools. As soon as they opened it, everyone stunned. There were the coins, which were full of the chest, began to shine from the rays of the sun.

Everyone was very surprised, but at the same time very happy, because what they found was a chest full of treasures The man was very confused, he understood that finally luck smiled on him. He lived a very rich life, earned very little, and this house became the key to his success.  Thanks to the chest full of coins he found, he will be able to repair the whole apartment and not have to work for a long time, that was really his success. Finding treasures brought great success to the man. He was not going to work anymore. These treasures were enough for him to live magnificently even for the rest of his life. He always worked and dreamed of a rich and prosperous life.

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