This is the oldest park in Japan, where people are not allowed to enter today. Only deer live in this park and there are pink cherry trees

Animals have been a close friend and relative of man for centuries. It is our responsibility to take care of them and preserve them. There are many animals that are written in the Guinness book and the only way to avoid it is to take care of animals. Our planet is considered the home of animals, which should also be clean and cared for. Many zoos or reserves are created for animals, which create an opportunity to save animals. The authorities are also fighting for the preservation of their species and their transmission to generations. 


Have you ever thought how beautiful the world is with rich nature and animal world? Many laws have been created since the 3rd century BC, the purpose of which was to preserve the animal world. Of course, human presence is also not allowed in similar places.  Every Reserve has its own conditions. There are also cases when you don’t need to create such a place, the animals themselves will create a suitable place for themselves. Nara Park is just such a place where 1200 deer live. 

A herd of gentle deer

It is located in Japan and is considered the oldest park. Deer are walking very calmly and a little lazily around the garden, admiring the pink cherry blossoms. Their living area is approximately 1,240 acres. Thousands of tourists visit here and admire the beautiful trees and innocent animals. It seems that the field is completely covered with a pink carpet, on which these innocent animals find their rest. They sit under  the tree and protect themselves from the sun’s rays. Their rest is excellently secured and their life is safe. The famous Japanese artist Kazuki Ikeda also visited here, who managed to get quite beautiful pictures and display them on the online platform. The beauty of Nara Park simply attracted him. This beautiful nature image with its calm and lazy creatures appeared in the feed and received many likes. Many people also wanted to visit and see this miracle with their own eyes. However, the authorities began to limit the number of visitors here.


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