The childhood friends did not imagine that one day they would meet each other and get married

Fate sometimes brings surprises. It decides everything in our life. Choosing a life partner is also the work of fate, as it chose Natalie and Austin. The story of our heroes proves that wherever you go, whatever you do, if fate has created for each other, it will find a way and unite people. These heroes have known each other since kindergarten, when they were three years old. They also lived side by side as neighbors. The parents bought a house without knowing each other, which turned out to be the house of two classmates.

The children always played together, went to each other’s house and soon became inseparable friends. Natalie liked Austin’s red car very much and she drove side by side. The girl’s requests were fulfilled if the boy was next to her. They even sat side by side at school. Natalie’s parents soon left unexpectedly, taking Natalie to another city.  Natalie often remembered Austin and tried to find ways to contact him. 12 years passed and it seemed that over time they forgot each other. One day, the girl accidentally found Austin’s mother’s phone number and decided to find him.

She also looked for him on social media. He wrote to the boy and received a reply letter. It turned out that they do not live so far from each other. They decided to meet and remember the good days of childhood. They agreed and met in the yard of their old house, where they spent their childhood. They walked together, talked, drank coffee and parted at the end of the day. After school, Austin decided to find the girl for marriage. He prepared a surprise for her and proposed. How great was Natalie’s joy when she saw Austin with a ring in his hand.

Их разлучили в 5 лет, но спустя годы они вновь встретились

She immediately agreed and happily accepted the offer. The wedding was coming soon and they prepared for it with great pomp, and the wedding car was the red car of their childhood, which Natalie loved to drive. They became one of those unique couples who began to enjoy a happy life as a result of the innocent and pure love of childhood. They loved each other as childhood friends and became friends for life. Such a miraculous marriage rarely happens in life. They were happy and infinite. Their love is an example for all couples.

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