Grandmother’s dress is worn by her granddaughter 60 years later. The dress did not look old. Grandma liked her grandson’s decision

Grandmothers play a big role in their grandchildren’s lives. They are ready for anything for the sake of their beloved grandchildren. And the grandchildren in their turn do the same. Our today’s heroine, Ellie Livingter, has been very close to her grandmother since childhood. Grandmother often took Elli to her house, they often met after school and talked for a long time. Grandmother Ellie fondly told about her youth and past life. How he met his grandfather and even showed his granddaughter his wedding dress, which he kept very carefully.

Ellie was just captivated by the beauty of the dress, and when she put it on, she turned into a beauty in the dress, it suited her very well. The dress was over 60 years old but was very well preserved and did not look old. Years later, when Ellie was already getting married, she very casually visited her grandmother without warning. Ellie was smiling beautifully without saying a word. The grandmother treated her to tea and told Ellie about her wish. The grandmother was very excited at first because she never thought that Ellie, her beloved granddaughter, would express such a wish. In fact, years ago, when Ellie wore her grandmother’s wedding dress, she promised herself that she would wear her grandmother’s dress at her wedding. Grandmother wiped her tears and went to get the dress, ‘’The dress will suit you very well, my dear granddaughter, may it be the beginning of your happiness’’. The girl just took the dress to the dry cleaners and it looked like new. Ellie was sure that the dress would bring her great love, because that dress had already given love to her grandparents once. Ellie loved the dress, she looked great in the dress. Everyone was surprised not by Ellie’s move, but by the well-preserved nature of the dress. It is really a very beautiful and inexplicable feeling when a granddaughter gives such feelings to her great-loved grandmother.

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