This is the biggest carrot. It is so large in size that it has become famous

Most of us cultivate and grow thousands of varieties of fruits and vegetables. Most of us know the secrets of plant care and the conditions for obtaining lush and healthy vegetables. More or less every year we get fruits  and vegetable crops, but we would never have imagined to meet such a fruit or vegetable that weighed 10 kg and surprised many people with its appearance. Such a vegetable grew in the garden of an American man, which weighed 10 kg.

Американец вырастил морковь которая попала в Книгу рекордов Гиннесса - В мире на

The carrot became a record and attracted the attention of many people even outside the borders of America. Perhaps we have never met such a carrot, and it was different and unusual in its weight, containing more than a dozen small carrots. He grew the strangest and largest carrot. He achieved a world record with it. And now let’s find out the secret that will reveal the reason for the weight and appearance of carrots. Vegetables that are durable and large in size are most often grown for winter.

Морковь попала в книгу рекордов Гиннесса

They will also last long in storage or cellars at 5 degrees C. If you sow lettuce in April, you will have a bunch of carrots in June. It should be sown in fertile soil. In August, the fruit is already ripe. Carrots contain fructose and carotene content and about 80% moisture. Large carrots are perhaps the admiration of gardeners, because they like to show off and boast about the masterpiece they have created. At the same time, they admit that they are not very sweet at all.

Морковь попала в книгу рекордов Гиннесса

A young gardener has big goals to grow the biggest pumpkin and tomato. It is recommended to follow the following rules to have big and tasty carrots: When the soil is warm and the temperature of the upper layer is 8 degrees you can sow the seeds.. There should be a distance of 15-20cm between each row of carrots. A distance of 4 cm should be kept between plants next to each other. If there are weak leaves, they should be removed.

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