The man built a house under a stone. Inside the house there are all the necessary conditions for living

The man has built a house under a stone and lives there. The Mexican showed the device of the dwelling, for which he was nicknamed the caveman. People have been used to living in caves since ancient times. Man is a constantly adapting creature and can live where there are suitable conditions. But there are cases when they do not adapt to the conditions, but the conditions adapt to them. Perhaps not everyone will consider living in the desert of northern Mexico a reasonable idea, but for many, it can seem like an adventurous idea.

Arasel Hernandez, the strange man for many of us  has built an unusual house in that very desert. There were no human beings living here. He liked the idea of living in a deserted place and thought that it would give him the opportunity to live quietly and cut off from the human world. He didn’t build his house like everyone else. He also differed from the surroundings in the way he thought about building the house. He built it in the rock, under the stone. He carved a shelter and left the stone on top as a roof. Living in such a house in the present modern age was really a different and wonderful idea. It looked very unusual. Arasel seemed to live like his ancestors. He liked his way of life. But along with that way of life, he did not give up the living conditions. He did all the work alone and made the house as close to nature as possible. He created a mansion that it had electricity, sewage and all facilities. Sometimes there were rains here, from which the stone played a protective role. It also had an unusual and unique design. He did not go to the store to buy food because there was no store in the area. He used to visit the neighboring settlement for food. There are no green spaces nearby. His name soon became known outside of Mexico due to his extraordinary construction. Soon tourists and other people arrived here to see this man and his extraordinary masterpiece of construction. While talking to him, the journalists realized that he was an ordinary person like everyone else, just the effort and being away from the noise of the city pushed him to this step. He admitted that he liked to live that way and that he did not feel alone. The most important thing is that he took care of himself completely anf was  satisfied and felt harmonious. Sometimes it’s really quiet and nice to be alone and to be the master and ruler of a place that is endless and uninhabited. That’s how free and brave this man was, who was ready to live in that area until the end of his life.


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