The name of the narrowest city in the world belongs to this city, which spreads on both sides of the river. It is located in China

Before choosing a country of travel, first of all, it is necessary to have the right orientation in choosing the country. Such a wonderful choice can be the Nanxihe River, which is located in Yunnan Province, China, and carries its waters through the lowest city on the world map. Yangjin of forty thousand people is literally built at the foot of forested cliffs flooded by the river. Not only does the city consist of two rows of narrow skyscrapers that stretch along the canyon, but its ground floors sit on piles to resist mountain flow.

The city is connected by only a few bridges, and only one road leads from Yangjin to the outside world.  You may feel cramped in such a narrow city, but space is not essential for a wonderful vacation. Yangjin’s absolutely futuristic landscape has long attracted attention and raises many questions about the arrangement of the lives of city dwellers. For an unusual person, it is not clear how household matters are regulated. And yet, the residents are in no hurry to leave their swallow-shaped houses. The local community consists of descendants of the first settlers who lived on the slopes of the mountains for hundreds of years. They are used to the calm and measured life of the mountain village. And skyscrapers began to be erected as the city gradually grew. Due to the limited land suitable for construction, residential buildings are rising upwards. It is interesting that the “street” of two-row high-rise buildings repeats the flat contours of Nanxihe.  The river then joins the banks, leaving literally thirty meters of width between them, and then widens again, spreading them up to three hundred meters apart.  A  visit here will certainly bring pleasure to many. The beautiful Tedsran and the picturesque waters of the lake will ensure your unapproachable rest.


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