The boy decorated the interior of his house with plants. Entering his house, you feel as if you are in the lap of nature

Plants are living miracles around us that decorate our lives. A love of plants can be worth much more. Each of us can express it in a different way: for example, they can line up their favorite plants in their room, or they can clean the garden of excess grass and cultivate their favorite plants. Of course, there are many examples, but today we will discuss an interesting example.

Adam Lin, a well-known designer from Melbourne, only recently discovered his love for houseplants when he saw the work done by a popular blogger on the internet, how he takes care of his favorite plants and talks about them. And that’s when he realized that plants can become a part of his home interior. The young man spent 50,000 dollars on pots, planting green areas and interestingly, he did not regret it.

He is very restless by nature, but at the same time very stubborn, and working with the bouncer made him calmer. He spent 1.5-2 hours a day working with plants. She also cared for pets. He decorated every part of the house with plants. The bathroom looks like a jungle, even the walls are covered with fresh green plants. The bedroom and the living room were also wonderful, fresh leaves were hanging next to the chandeliers, even all four of the beds were beautifully covered with plants.

And the living room and the kitchen had turned into a real forest, the patterned decorations on the floor were even green. For Adam, it was a quiet rest, and he says that he should have discovered that love in himself a long time ago. Once he said ‘’I feel like I am surrounded by fresh green plants in heaven, what else does a designer like me need when doing the best work. I would advise all those who have not yet discovered their love for plants to try to discover it as soon as possible, because plants are a different world and can provide great relaxation in every period’’.


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