This boy understood how to clean the surrounding nature and decided to make a boat out of bottles

Everyone should treat the environment with care and love. Nature is the environment where we live and breathe, and in such cases the air should be clean. And the cleanliness of the environment depends on our cleanliness. At every step, we come across various wastes that we can collect and recycle. That way we can make money and clean up the environment. Plastic waste, perhaps, is one of the non-useful phenomena of environmental pollution that concerns all of us. A large amount of plasma waste is generated every year. Most of it ends up in the oceans, where waste islands form.

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The whole world is thinking about this issue. Ismail Esom Ebon was the person who found a wonderful way to get rid of the garbage and make it useful at the same time. Seeing the plastic bottles floating in the river, he decided to use them and make a boat.  In  that  way  he  would clean the nature. He started collecting the plastic bottles and containers and eventually got a huge pile. Then he started to use the collected and make a boat. The idea was simply wonderful and unrepeatable. This initiative of his was called Eco Boat and it gave quite a result and received a lot of approval. In the near future, the boy was thinking of implementing other projects, which were of a charitable nature. He also thought of later creating trash cans, in which plasmas would be collected and then turned into boats. Such ideas certainly deserve appreciation and encouragement.  We  should  help  them  collecting   the  waste for its  later  use.


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