Not everyone can dance and skate at the same time, and it’s so beautiful

There are many sports in the world, each one is beautiful in its own way, but the most interesting of the sports is skating, which is really very interesting sport and dance, it is considered an art, because only artists can combine these two arts to get one great art. The duet of 9-year-old Evelina and 12-year-old Ilya attracted the whole audience.  The performance was based on the plot of the movie Lalaland, and the music was also taken from the movie. The most important thing on the skating rink is that the couple should have mutual trust. They have been skating together for a very long time and are very good friends. Evelina and Ilya prepared for the audience for a year, so every step was well prepared.

Evelina Pokrasnetyeva and Ilya Makarov's stunning ice skating performance

They were both very hardworking and their hard work promised the results of victory. Their performance was very emotional, it seemed like a lifetime in their performance, they skated calmly and lightly. There was confidence, life and love in their eyes. Their every movement was thoughtful and emotional. The jury stood up and congratulated them on their feet and expressed their gratitude. No one expected such a performance. The audience really liked their skating and dancing, which seemed to be a combination․

Evelina Pokrasnetyeva and Ilya Makarov's stunning ice skating performance

They received the highest praise and the jury wished them success in their future performances. The couple was also satisfied with their performance. They gave a great performance, and at the end, out of excitement, the coach came up on stage and hugged them. Their performance became global and had many successes, they had new performances and all the performances were successful․


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