The bride wore a wedding dress for 35 consecutive years and waited for her lover

Sometimes, for the sake of love, couples can subject themselves to eternal closure. Not everyone is capable of the delicate beauty of love and not everyone can love and dedicate themselves. But the heroine of our story even refused to go out in society for the sake of her beloved, she decided to stay in a wedding dress forever and love only one person forever. She was the daughter of a rich man and grew up. without a mother under the care of a father. Her father wanted a rich and influential husband for her. Her father raised her in his own way and tried to control her later life as well. However, the unexpected happened. Eliza Donitor met a simple clerk under completely random circumstances and fell in love. Her father did not like the idea, because such a son-in-law was not suitable for his family, but in the end he signed the marriage agreement. The expected wedding day came and all the guests were present. Everything was magnificent and eye-catching. The bride shone with her appearance and dazzled everyone. Everything was beautiful and magnificent, but the groom was missing.

The bride waited and waited, he never showed up, neither at the wedding nor a months later and not even 35 years later. The bride could not live as she used to live. She locked herself in her room and wore the bride’s dress 35 and  it was  even confirmed that she wore more. She made herself an eternal bride who waited with hope for the return of her lover Years passed and the groom did not return and his disappearance remained a mystery to everyone. Many suspected that the bride’s father was the reason for the groom not showing up. After her father, Eliza also walked around in a wedding dress and people tried to satisfy their curiosity and see what the mysterious bride looked like through the windows, but only her yellow dress was noticeable. Books began to be written about her and stories were invented. Even the famous book “The Waiting Bride” was written based on her story.

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