Gorillas are interesting animals. They have cubs once a year. They put their little ones to sleep by daydreaming

Zoos are one of the favorite places to spend time with children. However, modern zoos are not just entertainment for children and a spectacle for adults. For a long time there has been a tendency to expand the habitats of animals and replace narrow cages with free enclosures. Zoos contain animals whose population is very small and their number needs to be increased. The Seattle Zoo meets all these conditions. It contains many species of animals whose population is too small. One of these animals is the western lowland gorilla. The number of individuals of this species is decreasing due to deforestation. Uzuma, a female lowland gorilla, currently lives at the Seattle Zoo, and is now eleven years old.

The zoo management creates all the conditions for the gorillas to breed. This year, finally, Uzuma and her chosen one Kwame had a baby. Gorillas breed rather slowly, from 9-10 years old, and then the female gives birth to one cub every 5 years. Uzume and the cub were placed in a separate enclosure, but after a while she will be placed with the rest of the group, so that other members of the group can help her take care of the baby. Gorilla cubs after birth do not remain in the care of their mother. Unlike all other monkeys, the female and the male take care of their cub in the same way, devoting a lot of time and attention to it. The mother in the first 5 months, after the birth of her child, not only carries him all the time, but also emotionally supports him when he tries to walk or look for food for the first time. There are never abandoned babies or foundlings in a group of gorillas. Gorillas are considered the most intelligent of the primates. Their genotype is more similar to the human one. At the Seattle Zoo, the birth of a gorilla cub was a real event, since before that, for a long time, zoologists tried to create all the conditions for gorillas to have offspring. Visitors watch with interest as a young mother cradles her cub in her arms.



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