Estonia differs from all other countries with its unique beauty

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Estonia, a land rich in history, medieval romance and intellectual development?. Its capital has received a lot of attention and is even on the list of UNESCO attractions. The city is rich in parks and playgrounds. All of them represent a cultural value and are repeatedly visited by thousands of foreigners. Being located in the north of Europe, it gathers hundreds of thousands of tourists with its extraordinary and national and cultural diversity.

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Here, too, there are structures of old architectural value. These structures were created during the construction of the city and are still standing In the capital of Estonia, there is such an old town, which has the true spirit of the Middle Ages with unique architectural structures. There are more than a dozen different natural parks in the country. Recreation areas and trails have also been created in the area. Lahemaa Park is one such tourist destination, which is considered a national park.

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It was famous for its trails and bike paths. Here is a mixed picture of forest landscapes and nature. which attracts everyone with its wonderful appearance. There is a unique structure located on the island of Hiyuma in the Baltic Sea, which does not leave visitors indifferent. Its unusual location, in the middle of the island on a hill, gives the city a majestic look and feel. It has stood for more than 5 centuries and the lighthouse lighting system is still in operation. There is also an observation point on top of the structure, thanks to which you can observe the beautiful nature of the city and the passing of people.

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