An artist turns useless garbage into works of art. It works great for him

Creativity cannot be hidden. There are people who have a real talent to see beauty in everything and create art out of nothing. British artist Dan Rawlins creates incredible works from scrap metal. He transforms old metal objects into completely new works of art. So, old lamps and lanterns, unnecessary pipes and even trucks get a new chance to live. At first glance, it’s hard to believe that such masterpieces can be made from waste, but it’s not at all difficult for Rawlins to see the beauty in the old rusty metal.

His idea is simple. He believes that unnecessary garbage fills our streets and suburbs, and turning it into art objects, he not only gets rid of unnecessary trash, but also ennobles the city, creating a new atmosphere filled with unique items. For his work, he uses metal objects. Very beautiful work comes from the vans and trucks in which he carves trees, grass and flowers. This is an incredible mix of nature and metal. Unexpected decisions in his work draw attention to his art-objects.

The theme of handmade art is very close to Rawlins. Previously, he created paintings from other materials at hand, which also featured trees and foliage. He is inspired by natural colors and wild untouched nature. According to the artist, since childhood he was fond of handicrafts from improvised materials. Over time, his passion turned into a real fascinating work. Dan Rawlins aims to remind people how important it is to stay in harmony with nature, because this is the simplest and most important part of our lives.

Human creativity has no limits. But it is important not just to conceive something, but most importantly to bring it to life. After all, a thought acquires meaning when it materializes. In British cities, you can often find the work of Rawlins, which gives the streets a new look and a special meaning. The author takes his inspiration from nature. Natural materials such as stones, metal, wood give rise to new ideas for creativity.

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