This guy found the dog on the street. He brought her home and became a selfless friend with her

Making friends is a phenomenon that everyone can do, but staying friends and being loyal friends are unique cases that rarely occur in society. Good friends even share a piece of bread together and always remain loyal to each other. It is a very normal phenomenon in the human world to make friendship and be with each other all day, but when an animal becomes a friend, it is even more strange. There are also laws in the animal world that are not understandable for us, but if an animal gets used to it and becomes a friend, believe me, it serves selflessly and remains loyal until the end of its life. Here is a story where an 11-year-old boy is kept company by a dog he met by chance on the street.

The boy was Romel Kemenales from the Philippines.

He was 11 years old. His fate was arranged differently and it seems that luck forgot about his existence. Having no parents, he lived on the street. He had a sister who lived in another city and they kept in touch with each other. He spent the night on the streets of Quezon City. Despite the laugh of luck, the boy did not feel alone. He was accompanied by a dog, which perhaps did not have a family. He had found the puppy on the street and named it Budgie. He had tamed the dog and taught him many tricks. Being the boy’s inseparable friend, the dog slept next to him at night. They both had the same luck, but they did not complain.

The boy had attended school for two years and  dreamt about going to school, but he didn’t even have money for bread. He had come to terms with his life and fate. Once Rommel was photographed by Maria Cubbs, and posted on her social network, and thus gained the attention of many. Videos and pictures about him began to be appeared on the Internet. There were even people who wanted to help the boy, but the boy did not want to leave his friend and the street that became familiar to him.



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