There are animals that love warmth, and there are those that love the opposite

You can look at animals endlessly. They have their own world and their own laws.  Different species and individuals have different habitats and special characteristics. Photographer Richard Snell specializes in capturing animals in natural areas. He likes to watch various animals and capture the most interesting moments from their lives. The moose became the hero of his last works. This is a unique animal that amazes with its endurance and perseverance. Elk lives in birch and pine forests, where aspen and willow forests also grow along the banks of rivers and lakes.

Moose prefer to spend winter in coniferous or mixed forests, where there is not much snow. Moose do not like to lead a sedentary lifestyle, so they constantly move from place to place in search of new food. It is interesting that moose are not herd animals, most often they walk alone, or gather 3-4 individuals, unlike their other artiodactyl relatives. Moose are calm animals by nature. But everything changes with the onset of autumn. In September, the mating season begins for moose. It was this time that the photographer captured his photos and videos. Moose have only one month to mate, then they will disperse again and live alone. But that’s not all.. This is an impressive sight, what action goes for the conquest of the female. When the winner is determined, the period of courtship begins. It lasts about 2 months, after then, the male leaves the female and it bears the calf alone. Moose calves are born after 250 days. Newborn babies are very defenseless and are completely under the protection of the mother, who will take care of her cub until it becomes independent. Until next autumn, the moose will again live separately from each other, so that they can come together again to create new offspring.



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