In fact, what is presented in cartoons about bears is not so real

What do we know about bears? Basically, there is a stereotype that bears are stupid and clumsy animals. It’s all the fault of different cartoons and fairy tales, where the image of a bear is presented that way. However, this is an erroneous opinion. But they are not stupid, and their clumsiness is also exaggerated.

Oddly enough, bears love to have fun in their free time from food, sleep and rest. One of their favorite pastimes is playing with stones. Bears climb a mountain or slope and from there push stones down, and they  enthusiastically watch how the stone rolls down, demolishing everything in its path. It is not very clear what exactly attracts the bear in this game, but the fact is the fact. Swimming is another favorite activity. Bears enter a lake or river not only to do fishing, but also just to swim and splash in the water. Bears don’t just play alone.

Orphaned bears

They also like to have fun together, playing catch-up or tickling each other. Every day at the National Zoo, employees watch the bears play with pleasure. It’s very cute and funny. They stand on their hind legs and fight with each other, but in reality the bears are just playing. Bear cubs love games and fun even more. They are like little children running after each other and somersaulting. They jump on mature bears when they are resting. Cubs are frisky and agile, despite the fact that they look awkward. They can make a real mayhem around them, constantly circling and twisting. It’s boring for them to just lie down and rest. At the zoo, the enclosure with bears is very attractive. Not only visitors stop for a long time to look at the bears, but also workers in their free time come to look and take with positive. That’s how cute animals can be. But despite this, you have to be careful with bears. It is impossible to predict what kind of mood change can occur in the bears. When visiting the zoo, you must strictly observe safety precautions and listen to the instructions of the workers.


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