Sometimes age makes a person younger and more lively.With the age, you also realize that you need more emotions and entertainment. You crave more attention and seek more.
Singing and dancing have a very positive effect on our mood. The mood of each of us can change dramatically when we suddenly hear some pleasant music or...
Mumbai-based Sanjay Puri Architects is developing urban projects that should enhance green spaces and parks. With the development of global urbanization
Dance is not only a dynamic movement of the body, but also an art, an aesthetic pleasure. In every dance movement there is life, sun, light, hope and...
Have you ever thought that the development and functioning of a child’s brain can be expressed differently depending on income? Few of us would have
We all know the famous  X Factor global show. The goal of this amazing and popular show was to discover talents from all over the world. Every year,...
Age is not lived years, but a state of mind. If a person is energetic and young in spirit, old age cannot be an obstacle to full-fledged joys...
In the modern world, human life has changed a lot, people are gradually reaching perfection, but not to live a luxurious life, but to create a comfortable environment.
Everything in human life is created for peaceful and full living, but the world lacks caring for each other. Our today’s hero, Chris, cares about people and is.
Caring is very necessary for everyone, even for people who don’t have family and children. And it becomes even more enjoyable when the performer