A man put coins in a box for 45 years, then decided to find out how much money he managed to save

In addition to work and household chores, people also like to relax or do what they love. Everyone likes different tipes of vacation.

After all, changing the field of activity, you can also relax. To get distracted, people come up with various hobbies for themselves.

It can be sports, knitting, drawing or collecting. An American man Otto Anders once became interested in collecting coins.

At first, he decided to simply save up a small amount and combine business with pleasure. It was 1970 when he began to collect coins worth one cent.

However, gradually he became so carried away that he could not stop. For 45 years he collected coins.

As a resul, he no longer had a place to store them, but he did not dare to open his savings.

According to Otto, he became addicted to his hobby. He liked to collect coins on the sidewalks and on the beach.

Sometimes he went to the store specifically to exchange money for a trifle.

All his friends were interested in how much he collected. And finally, after 45 years the man decided to open his savings and find out how much he accumulated.

However, it was very difficult to count so many coins. He had to take the car and take all the coins to the bank. When bank employees saw so many coins, they were very surprised.

People often come to the bank to exchange change for banknotes, but they have never seen so many boxes of coins.

Despite their surprise, the employees counted the coins using an automatic machine and Otto received five thousand dollars for them. Not such a big amount.

But considering that he collected only one-cent coins, he collected quite a lot. Otto had long dreamed of having a rest somewhere, but he always saved money, as other more important expenses appeared.

This time he decided that he deserved this rest for 45 years. The man took his savings and went to rest and invent a new hobby for himself.


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