Bulldogs raised a two-week-old kitten

A homeless Florida kitten could have died if not for an accident. And the kindness of dogs.

A woman named Beth Waldenese said she found the baby in a deplorable state.

He was not even two weeks old. The care of the new owner and veterinary intervention helped the cat to survive. But the main problem was not even that the kitten was weak, but that a couple of bulldogs already lived in Beth’s house …

The short-pants kid – that’s the funny name the cat was called – took root perfectly in the Waldeneses’ house.

He was afraid to be alone and constantly demanded affection. And the new older brother and sister – the bulldogs Salvador and Frenchy – took care of him.

Frenchy constantly licked the kitten, and Salvador came running to check his condition after the slightest squeak.

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