The mother’s dog helps her put her 8-month-old son to bed each night.

8-month-old Theo has a pal. You may play with it and sleep with it due to its size and plushness. And Charlie the dog is a real dog, not even a teddy bear. The comic duo is still going strong today. Theo and his pet get along well. Charlie’s assistance in putting the infant to sleep touched online viewers. The nanny and the blanket are replaced with a pet. Theo’s parents adore Goldendoodle canines. He is a mix between a poodle and a golden retriever. Three four-legged members of the family are now present.

Le chien aide maman à coucher son fils de 8 mois tous les jours

And each of them has established a reputation for themselves on the network. Little Theo is a fashionista. In his closet, he keeps a number of bow ties. These are also in the cabinets he prefers. Many of Theo’s parents’ admirers periodically speculate if they would be wary of leaving a young child with such a large animal.

Le chien aide maman à coucher son fils de 8 mois tous les jours

Some people believe that Charlie the dog and his pals make the ideal companion animals. They are upbeat, considerate, and patient. The very best nannies. A wide-toothed comb should be used to brush dogs two to three times a week. They also need to play and run with them. Goldendoodles need to be kept busy all the time.

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