Various things can be made from these ordinary lamps. Even an aquarium and a garden

Sometimes socks have to be changed less often than light bulbs in an apartment. How long they last depends on many factors: the quality of the lamps themselves, the “straight-handedness” of buyers, and sometimes it shorts or shorts somewhere in the apartment, and that’s it – run after the light. The price tag for the most ordinary light bulb starts from 170 rubles, it lasts for a couple of months, and a mountain of resentment and disappointment accumulates due to burnt out hopes, but we have prepared material that will help fix everything!

We offer a look at the various ways to use non-working light bulbs. Mostly they are used to decorate the space, but it also looks very interesting.

1. Looks simple? And there is!


Such LED bulbs are sold in the online store for 7 euros, but we know that such, and even better, can be made by hand. The main question that arises at the sight of these light bulbs is how to achieve a similar color? There are several color options:

Take the paste from a ballpoint pen, it was used 30 years ago. Apply the contents of the rod to the surface of the glass, after mixing the paste with acetone, ethyl alcohol or cologne. Remember, the light bulb will turn blue. Nail polish works too. It is better to take a resistant translucent varnish, as the color fades at high temperatures. Can be applied with a regular brush. If you don’t plan to heat the light bulb, PVA glue can also be used to paint the light bulb. As a dye, ink from a printer and water-soluble pigments easily fall on white glue.

Autoenamel, however, it also withstands temperatures only up to 200 degrees.

Stained glass paints are the best, but expensive option.

Silicone paints are ideal for painting surfaces that are going to be used at high temperatures.

2. Small light bulbs can be turned into decorations

3. Light bulb terrariums

Lampoterrariums are very popular lately. In any city, you can attend a master class on creating an eternal garden in a small light bulb.

To do this, you will need several hours, special materials and patience. Sand, moss and stones are most often used as a filler. Such terrariums are called eternal because they do not require maintenance.

4. Light bulb can become an aquarium 5. Light bulbs are useful for home decoration, it all depends on your imagination

You can make Christmas decorations

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