The man moved to a desert island and lived for a year as Robinson. He only took his camera with him

The traveler was inspired by the story of Robinson and moved to live on a desert island. For a whole year he mastered the construction of a house, learned to get food and constantly filmed everything on video: instead of the items needed for survival, the man took only a camera with him to the island. Chad Zuber is known online as a blogger who always chooses the most remote and deserted places to travel. But his new experiment surpassed all previous ones: the man chose for him the deserted beaches of Culebra Island in the Caribbean. To document the project, Chad took with him a camera with satellite connectivity and solar panels. The gadget was made to order, it allowed the man to keep in touch with the outside world and upload the footage.

Chad’s first commercials look very naive. The traveler clearly does not yet understand how difficult it will be for him to stay alone against nature: For several months the traveler had to live under a makeshift tent. But Chad did not waste time: he found a patch of clay soil and began to prepare bricks for the future home. The construction took about four months. Zuber mastered hunting, made himself a bow with arrows and a fishing rod.

The island turned out to be generous – fruits and vegetables grow in abundance here. Bored, the man even assembled a barbell with clay weights. The end of Zuber’s experiment: Zuber’s project ended successfully. Now the blogger is already traveling on another continent.


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