The girl got on stage, took off her shoes and started singing without listening to the music

Participating in show programs has already gained a lot of momentum and has received quite a lot of approval from the public. Mandy Harvey is 28 years old and was an amateur singer. In reality, everything was more complicated, but he came to the “America’s Got Talent” show in this capacity.

he gave a brilliant performance, despite the fact that his number was simple – a song of his own composition on the ukulele.  The judge had already awarded him an honorary award, but then asked why he took off his shoes before the performance. And then we, following the audience, pay attention to the inconspicuous sign language interpreter near the stage. Harvey’s song is called “Try”. And few know what it is worth to try and be able to. In fact, stage confusion and embarrassment are actually technical details. The girl is performing barefoot because she was not listening.

He felt the music through the vibrations of the floor, which helps him perform and deliver on time. It is not really so reliable that none of the experienced judges, who have heard and seen thousands of performers, suspected anything, so he improved his skills.  What does it mean when a person loses their hearing? Not as weird as being able to see or move. One can get used to everything, adapt. And Mandy Harvey didn’t want to limit herself, she started working to overcome this barrier of eternal silence.  Singing without listening to music and own voice is another talent that the girl had. And he did it, not immediately and not easily, but he did it.

SEverything is possible in life, but you have to fight and achieve success.


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