The 88-year-old woman got on the stage wearing colorful feathers and started dancing

Sometimes older women show greater talent and abilities than is typical for their age. The 88-year-old  dancer who participated in the America’s Got Talent competition is a vivid proof of this. She attracted  the judges and viewers with her performance during the auditions. Penny, an 88-year-old dancer, considered herself a unique and talented dancer and claimed that she was America’s oldest dancer and should be considered a national treasure. The 88-year-old woman performed a number that was really wonderful and unrepeatable.

The dancer attracted everyone’s attention with her performance and the judges treated her with immense admiration. She is originally from Palm Bay, Florida. He appeared in red, white and blue feathers for the performance. She even mentioned on stage that she has 6 husbands. To the jury’s question whether she is going to get married for the 7th time, she answered that if she wants to and there is time, yes, but she needs time to adapt. Simon was most impressed by her performance, and he kept an eye on the old dancer. He liked the old woman’s confidence and flirtatiousness. He finally asked Penny a question that could prove to be her fate. He asked if the dancer would take off her clothes. , if she would go to the  final. The brave woman gives a very confident positive answer.As a result of her courage and extremely self-confident performance , she passed to the finals, proving that the elderly can also be talented. Her success can rejuvenate her spiritually and push him forward.





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